Alone Again

Alone Again :

There have been days
Days I summon in all ways
To get her to love
To make her brace.

These norms and method got worn
Every day with her
I was mingling the Sleek line to be
What I was and what I want to be.
And solely because of her

Got the music to convoke all nature around
The lorn feeling rushed around.
These all rise again straight
Just Not to let her go away… Anew

She could have said Goodbye
She could have told me if it is As to why.

Her touch always felt to be a foreign
Sunsets diverse every day
I deemed our love can’t be erased
But it was … the touches now had someone else
I was just staring at her from another way and getting laid.

When she goes away
I see her through
Nothing to do
But to feel how much I can love through.

With her, I was me
The only time when I want to see inside me.
Sometimes I thought
Nights we will hold our hand and sit on the bench
Walk-in Spain
It was so calm to feel and drench
But this has been snatched by the rush of today with pain.

For you, it ends that day
ut for me,
It is just halfway.
I will still go to our dream Place.
A place we call “Spain”.

I will hold your thoughts across me there
Promising there will be I
Standing wishing for you all in those rain
Make love with you in my thoughts
And say
“I still have those cigarettes, like you like to have after sex”.

A note from Author: This post is somewhere not up to the mark to me for my blog. I know this. But still, those words are so hard to write. There comes someday when even the writer or the person who is trying to be a perfect author fails. 🤣This is my fail attempt to write the close Journey of mine on a part small part of life. I hope you will somewhere like it. Even a bit. It ends the Gone Hope Journey continuing the second last Post ”  How Much Time More “Thank you😁👍

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