Who is an artist?


If asked, who is an artist? For a good part of people, chances are that a picture of a painter comes to mind. And when asked to name one, they’ll say, Leonardo da Vinci or Vincent van Gogh. Well, they are not wrong, everyone recognizes Mona Lisa and The Starry Night. And if not this, most of you’ll probably think about people making abstract art. But why a painter? Why a person holding a paintbrush thought of as an artist?

Over the years, we have redefined the term artist as someone involved in the craft of colors, drawings, craft makings, and installation art. But let’s assume you have three friends Peter, Tabby, and Mark. They want to become an architect, painter, and photographer respectively and are very passionate and do their work with all their hearts.

Yet, when you have to introduce them or describe what they do, you are likely to say Peter is an Architect, Tabby is an Artist and Mark is a Photographer. So, do we now understand where things go wrong? This makes us think of an artist as a person involved in drawings and paintings or abstract art, and we don’t even realize where we are wrong.

So, who is an artist? For me, I’d say–”anyone who is doing something he or she cares deeply about and will continue to do so no matter what is an artist”. And when people follow what they love, they create magic. For example, Vincent van Gogh faced worse conditions and was severely depressed, and yet he never stopped and his work was phenomenal and nothing short of magic.

If it weren’t for him, I doubt if we would have ever seen anything like it. And to think of it, he wasn’t even famous until his death. Singer-Songwriters like Ed Sheeran faced tough times early in their life yet he never stopped and we can all agree his work is different, refreshing, and wonderful. He is undoubtedly one of the best of our time.

So, what about normal people like us?

Anyone who is doing something he or she cares deeply about and will continue to do so no matter what is an artist.

If you have a friend who is making mobile apps out of his love for coding and will continue to do so just to experience those moments of happiness when you create something new, he is an artist.

If there is someone who keeps taking photographs and is trying to show the world. His or her perspective and believes in his art, he is an artist.

People who keep practicing their singing or their instrument just for their love of it, and will continue to do so whether or not they make money for it, they are artists.

These people are all around us. Architects, doctors, musicians, event planners, teachers, coders, designers, and many more. They all are in some sort an artist. For they might get tired of doing, or at some points in their lives may feel low or depressed, but for them, the thought of quitting or stop caring for what they are doing is absurd and not acceptable.

It is their love and care for what they do, which makes them a great artist.

Author of this Post: Shubham Sharma đŸ‘Ļ

Shubham Sharma is a Young Artist. As being good in his Art, he always had a different definition of Artist in his mind. He has given a definition of what Artist is for him. 😀

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